Already Applied?


What happens after NC Reach gets my application?

NC Reach will verify your eligibility and your school information.  We may also email you with questions — keep your email address active!

– NC Reach will determine your award amount based on a review of your application, forms submitted by your school, and cost of attendance.

– Please allow 14 days for processing your application and forms.

 How much will I be awarded?

Awards vary for the school you have applied to.

Where does NC Reach send my checks?

Checks will be sent to your school. School costs will be taken out and a reimbursement check will be given to you by your school for the remaining amount. In some cases there will be two disbursement checks per semester.

What do NC Reach funds cover?

The student’s NC Reach reimbursement may be used to pay for the following costs, including:

– Tuition, books fees, school supplies
– On-campus housing and meal plan
– Assistance with rent for off-campus housing and associated living expenses
– On-campus housing
– Transportation to and from school (not to include the purchase of a vehicle)
– Child care
Be sure to visit the NC Reach Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed information.